Wednesday, March 25, 2015

spring greenery

i love learning family traditions and the meanings behind them. shortly after getting married, my parents taught us a new one about our first year of marriage. before you celebrate the first anniversary, you are to plant a tree (preferably more than one) at your home. the tree is not only great for the environment but, is meant to be a symbol for growth. growth not only in your home but, in your marriage, and as individuals.
how great is that?

candid moment: i had no idea the meaning behind it so, when my mom kept bringing up us getting a tree, i thought nothing of it. and i certainly didn't feel the urge to do it soon either. however, once my mom explained why it had to happen before our first anniversary (plus, spring is best for tree planting as well as for tree shopping), i finally got it.
and so, we went to a local tree nursery to search for our tree-to-be...

after some great advice at the shop we went to, we picked a red maple for the front, and a tulip tree (my personal favorite) for the back.

[impromptu family photo]
can't wait to watch these two grow and flourish.

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