Monday, May 11, 2015

new to me: museum of osteology

[one of my favorite moments]
sorry for the gap in posts everyone! between some unresolved personal matters and the insane weather we've had lately, i haven't had much mental time to write. fingers crossed, it has passed and the worst is over. and now, back to your regularly scheduled program ;)
next up in the new to me series comes from T and i's adventure in the museum of osteology. to be honest, i had never even heard of this museum but, came across it randomly on instagram. it looked kooky and interesting (with a hint of creepy), as an added bonus, T hadn't been either!

had we not known the exact address, we'd have never known its existence as it was seated in a remote area between moore and norman. however, you'd never know that once you stepped inside. between the well-versed staff (who couldn't have been more friendly), the extensive collection, and the crowds, it seemed we were of the few who didn't know of it!

[adorable and creepy]

[just hanging with a few baldies]

it was fascinating to learn some of the intricacies within species of animals as well as in comparison to other groups. i loved seeing how excited people of all ages and cultures were to learn and interact (where permitted). had T and i been able to spend more time there, we would have tried to complete the scavenger hunt (pardon the pun) along the way too!

[a humpback whale]

[don't ask why, but, the giraffe was one of my favorites]



[what a creep!]

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