Wednesday, May 27, 2015

life, according to my iphone

[the balance of life - yoga and daylight donuts]
did you know, all polar bears are left-handed? i just found this out not too long ago and have been dying to somehow work it into conversation. but, you'd be surprised how difficult that can be unless you're at a zoo. so, i figured i'd share with all of you :)

[happy plates; m&j's awesome vw wagon]

[past and present]

[foggy mornings; someone wants that cinnamon roll donut]

[am sweats; lunch]

[quality time with T & his granddad; burn co back home]

[funky patterns; pretty pot]

[nargle mischief; yum]

[getting excited for nick offerman; my little shadow]

[michael & brian playing in the rain; what a hunk]

[mini ornamental rug coasters]

[his & hers; a very lucky cat]

[ying & yang; fried egg + grilled cheese, a new favorite]

[shadow leggings; tasty nibbles]

[SO much rain; the cutest peeping tom]

[jade oolong; good things coming]

[i mean, how can i not give that face a treat?; brookies - half cookie, half brownie]

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