Friday, May 29, 2015

sun day

the saying goes: you never truly appreciate something until it's gone. and when it comes to that big ball of light above, i completely agree. if you don't know, my home state of oklahoma has been taking a huge hit with an absurd amount of rain for the past month+. it has been leading to lots of flooding, water damage, tornadoes, and generally dangerous conditions.
as a result, T and i (and most oklahomans) have just been focused on trying to weather the storms and prepare for what may come. i had no idea how much i had been missing sunlight until we had a two day break this week from overcast. it was so refreshing to feel the warmth on my face, see an actual shadow, wear sunglasses, and stay dry when i step outside. i know it sounds weird but, i never realized how much sunlight or, lack thereof, could change how i felt. and while, we are due for another potentially long string of storms again, it was so nice to be reminded that simple things can be the best matter how basic or short-lived.

[missed seeing these late afternoon shadows]

[such a great day needs a great dessert: homemade mango sorbet]

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