Friday, May 22, 2015

awesome and awkward

[his and hers dancin' shoes, or lack thereof]
[mr & mrs webb, wedding guests]
  • three day weekend...need i say more?!
  • as if i needed a new reason to love mike rowe more, somebody's gotta do it, has become a new favorite of mine.
  • guess who has been having a few breakthroughs in yoga? this girl! and while some are smaller than others, progress is progress.
  • not too long ago, T and i were walking with a friend (who also happens to be an art professor) on campus when i noticed a girl smiling at me. i mean, smiling like she knew who i was. i didn't recognize her but, didn't want to be rude, so i smiled with equal enthusiasm. her face furrowed a little before she then said, "hey professor!"...i cannot tell you how often i do that.
  • lately, i've been trying to practice yoga more in and out of the studio. so, i typically find myself and my mat in the backyard. while trying to quiet my mind and ease into my practice, i feel something fall on to my mat. followed by something furry that keeps wiggling and nudging me. finally, after trying to ignore it, i open my eyes to find solo vying for my attention. oh, and he brought fresh mud with him ;)

[the infamous bacon bomb]

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