Friday, October 23, 2015

sunday on the farm

last weekend, T and i met up with m+j (with special guests, michael's dad and stepmom, rob and heather!) to try our luck at a local corn maze. the farm itself was a bit crowded but, given how adorable and picturesque the setting, understandable. ...i mean, how can you not fawn over those bright red barns (see below)?

[hayrides to the maze because, why not]

[hay there...get it?]

this time around, we opted to play one of the maze games where we had to look for hidden clues. it was really fun looking for each one while getting a little lost along the way. plus, getting lost is half the fun ;)

[we found one!]

also, thanks to jana, i now think all waiving corn fields look like car dealership windsocks. 

then, we walked over to their pumpkin patch to scoop up a couple (read: four) teensy pumpkins. not only am i a sucker for the little ones but, there were some really cute baby pictures being taken. tiny pumpkins + babies, could it be any cuter?

thanks so much orr family farm for such a fun, fall-themed afternoon!

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