Monday, October 19, 2015

homeowners: year one

[backyard views]

it has officially been one whole year we've lived in this sweet little home of ours. and while we have only just begun making it our home, it feels all the more cozy; full of meaning and intention. even though T and i are still novices in home-ownership, we have learned a few things along the way. so, i of course thought i'd share :)
  • measure, measure, and measure again: you really cannot measure enough. also, you may want to write it down in more than one place.
  • making your house your home doesn't happen overnight: unless you make bank (and have no budget), save your money and take your time to find what you really like. this way, you don't needlessly spend extra funds on things that are quick fixes. 
  • you will go to home depot and/or lowe's at least once more than intended and it is completely okay
  • there will always be a project or area you'll want to work on: it never ends, in the best way. as you change, your needs for the house change, so you'll inevitably find a new project to work on. this is a good thing. 
  • know when to diy and when to hire someone: this one will save you in the long run. there are no heros when it comes to these decisions. plus, your back will thank you. 
  • messes & knicks aren't a bad thing: when something is new and fun, it's natural to want to keep it that way. messes mean a home has been lived in, loved, and cherished. that being said, you should still look after it, and maybe clean spills. 
  • get a second and even third opinion: while it may feel like it is rude, it really isn't. in fact, it is completely normal, and unoffensive to companies or contractors. this truly was our lifesaver when it came to a plumbing problem that turned out to be a small inconvenience as well when our den flooded and we were initially told we'd have to tear up the whole room.     

[our well-loved kitchen]

[one of my favorite momentos + a teensy pumpkin]

[a comfy spot for someone to chew their bone]

[succulent window box]

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