Wednesday, October 28, 2015


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have you ever had one of those weekends where there is so much good happening, you need a weekend from the weekend? this is by no means a complaint, far from it. this is pure amazement and surprise at how much great news/events happened all at once! to properly explain, i thought i'd take you through it starting with friday...

[all the fall colors]


i came home to find one of my most beloved care packages to date from my mom. she recently cleaned up my old closet and found several personal mementos. being the sweet mom she is, she forwarded them my way. the contents? art prints, an old spanish newspaper, tour guides, and an itinerary from my very first trip abroad. i was sixteen, and my school was going to france and spain for a week. i'd always dreamed of traveling abroad after hearing all my mom's stories growing up. and, soon enough, i found myself on foreign soil, drinking everything in. i couldn't have been happier to have those reminders back in my hands again. bonus? an old birthday card i'd kept from my now passed great grandmother, with an appropriately-timed note. cue all the warm fuzzies and good tears.

after we raised a glass to my great grandmother's memory, T and i took the pups to the pumpkin patch. they were quite the hit :) 

[my boys]



my best got engaged!! larry popped the big question at her family's tailgate for the homecoming game, surrounded by family and friends. the setting was beyond perfect for these two football-obsessed love doves and, (bonus) they're going to have a tv cameo because of it. one of the main network's tailgate crews came by moments after and, of course, they had to feature them. how amazing, right? we love these two and couldn't be happier for them. ...and, i'm sorry, i can't help myself. my best is engaged!

[happy, happy parents]

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then, i had to high-tail it to my m.i.l's house to co-host my s.i.l's bridal shower bringing the cupcake wedding gown i'd made. i was so excited to get to be a part of her shower and celebrate her upcoming nuptials. there were loads of delicious food and drinks, great company, and some hilarious moments with her shower games. i can't say i won at who knew the bride best but, i at least made her laugh with my answers...that counts for something, right?

[the cupcake dress]

[a 'welcome to the world' gift for a cute little one]


then, our two friends (matt & julia) had their baby! he was born late friday night and, we finally got to meet him sunday morning. he has to be the most adorable newborn i've ever laid eyes on...and don't even get me started on the hair :)
plus, it was so great to see our friends breaking into their new roles as parents, covered with that new baby glow. we couldn't be happier for their growing family.

so, see what i mean about a packed weekend? so many beautiful moments filled with so much love, leaves a very happy me.

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