Friday, October 30, 2015


happy (almost) halloween! i thought, in the spirit of this weekend, i would show T and i's costumes from years past to gear up for the festivities to come. hope you enjoy and have a great time celebrating whether it be a haunted house, a costume party, or a themed festival.  

2011: the 1920s paperboy and the flapper. since T and i had only just started dating in 2010, we didn't coordinate our costumes. so, this was our first year and we went with a classic. our story was that T sold newspapers but, on the hush-hush, sold moonshine to keep up my lifestyle of being a flapper. 

2012: mr clean and the 1950s housewife. our story this time was that mid-cleaning, mr clean appears in my kitchen...just like all the commercials say he does ;) this was also the most comfortable i've ever been on halloween. normally, like most girls, i wore something on the smaller side that wasn't conducive to the traditionally cold weather on this holiday. 

2013: peas and carrots, from forest gump...and we had to say it just like tom hanks did in the movie. "jenny and me, we was like peas and carrots". this one was pretty fun because it was something that most people wouldn't think of doing. plus, it made everyone laugh when we said the quote.

2014: T and i were a part of a group costume, the addams family. but, the two of us together were uncle fester and thing. this one was fun but, not my favorite since it was less involved, as it only required my hand on T's shoulder. 

can't wait to show you T and i's costume this year!

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