Friday, May 13, 2016

travel bug: pit stops

it's no secret that i love a good road trip. if for no other reason than to find little gems to fall in love with in a new city. our trek to birmingham had us stretching our legs in two main cities in arkansas - little rock and forrest city. 

little rock

i do love a good burger and fries, but i tend to stick to the healthier side when on the road. knowing we'd have all the southern comfort food while in alabama, i picked a lunch spot with lighter options. i didn't know exactly what kind of vibe this place would have, but upon walking in, fell in love with it immediately. 

[new line addition]

[my baldy and a goat]

the setting was light, stylish, and fun. the food was loaded with local ingredients (including their cheeses) with so much to be desired. the combinations were refreshing without getting too complicated. bonus: probably my favorite chocolate chip cookie i've ever had...and i think it was vegan!

[great color usage]

[roadside views]

forrest city

and what good road trip could end without a little small town barbeque? it's probably my favorite way we end our treks back home. this shop was added to the list of favorite bbq spots to visit. from the mac 'n cheese with pepper to the dry rub ribs to the sweet staff, it was amazing. 

[feisty pig]

[peace, love, and pork]

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