Friday, May 20, 2016

awesome and awkward

[snack time: coconut yogurt and pineapple]

  • not too long ago, my friends from work and i started a movie night. it first started as a long-running joke, but has now become our favorite way to hang. plus, the movie list we have is a great mix of sitcoms, iconic movies, and chick flicks. 
  • T and i have been exploring the world of gardening. now that i no longer have a black thumb (read: very light green), i've started my own little herb garden. so far, i have basil, green onions, sage, oregano, thyme, and lavender. and T's got quite the crop of mint (mojito, spearmint, orange, lemon, curled, spanish, and kentucky). it's been kind of awesome going out to our garden for cooking ingredients instead of getting them at the store. 
  • at last friday's art walk, i met an adorable french bulldog. if you didn't know, i have a serious soft-spot for frenchies as i just love their personalities and their boxy build. this one must have taken a liking to me too as he would try to stand closer to me than T. if he could speak, i think he'd tell T he was my new boyfriend ;)
  • there's only one this go around but, believe me, it was plenty...i was in the middle of running errands on campus, and needed to run to the restroom. i'd noticed an older man look at me funny but, didn't think anything of it and walked on in. right as i grabbed the stall door, i noticed out of the corner of my eye a set of wall dividers and urinals...and a guy at one of them! yep, i walked into the guys' restroom. realizing my mistake, i gasped and ran out - only to lock eyes with the older man i saw going in. he waited to see if or when i would realize my mistake. it was made only more awkward by the fact that i was wearing a 'get it girl' tank. happy friday!

[a proud boba after breaking out of his cone]

[bestie date with all the chips and dip]

[gag gifts]

[sangria prep]

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