Wednesday, July 13, 2016

breaking in breck part one

[moving closer towards those rockies]

friendcation - a vacation taken with friends. 

T and i met up with m+j (michael + jana), nemone (nehemiah + simone), brian, and grant for a weekend away. aside from seeing each other when grant and/or brian came to oklahoma, we'd never taken a trip altogether. and while i can't remember the exact moment we decided to make this happen, i absolutely couldn't wait. 

[porch sitting]

once we got to our condo, we had a celebratory drink to kick off our trip, and went out for dinner...

[arcade games (above) and pizza (below)]

then, we made our way back home to settle in and play a few games. 

[am yoga]

the next morning, we walked downtown to check out the art festival where i tried like heck to will all of the puppies to come home with me. seriously though...i may need to up my jedi mind tricks. 

[smoothie break]

we also may or may not have stopped by a local shop where i fell in cheese-love with their goat cheese. i also may or may not have come home with some ;)

[art festival]

["the base of peak nine"]

after a grocery run for goods, we thought we'd hit the breckenridge distillery for an afternoon tasting. but not before a round of cornhole and a few local-made cocktails. 

[group pic]


[anticipation of the bourbon look]

[this face!]

after the distillery tour and tasting (which were so good), we came back home where T and i were on dinner duty. we whipped up a mexican-themed feast, settled in by the fire, and played the occasional round of mario. 

[s'more nightcap]

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