Monday, July 25, 2016

life, according to my iphone

[dinner party goods; factual signage]

lately, i've been trying to expand my horizons when it comes to cooking. not to say i stick to the same thing, but i've been attempting cooking genres i've been unfamiliar with. anything from thai dishes to matzo ball soup to homemade pasta. its been so fun to take on each challenge, and thankfully, each dish has been delicious! 

but now i can't think of what to try next. i want to keep the momentum going, so if you have any ideas of what i should try out next, let me know :)

[rosey path; dumpling break]

[yum; welcoming the newest family member]

[quesadilla pie; prom pose]

[that time my mom met an otter]

[quick dinner; a going away fest]

[the "did you get the shot" look; keeping cool]

[layers of green; farm delivery]

[sir pouts-a-lot; garden viewing]

[his and hers x's 2; open skies]

[shade patterns; classic architecture]

[lush; summertime treat]

[favorite workout partner; dinner with friends]

[pool lounging; swirls]

[one of the best mom 'n pop shops in tulsa; delicious vegan treats]

[prepping for pizza; hey leonardo]

[colorful veggie mix; shade lounging]

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