Friday, July 15, 2016

breaking in breck part two

[stunning blooms]

the next day, brian and michael set out to go mountain biking while the rest of the gang went hiking. but not before a little am yoga with the girls, and a delicious breakfast thanks to nemone and michael. 

[T's colorado gym, very rocky-esque]

with brian's recommendation, we took the gondola up to peak seven for our day hike and post-hike cocktails. 

[gorgeous gondola views]

[my gang, minus brian and michael]

located in the white river national forest, peaks trailhead winds through gorgeous stretches of forest featuring several creeks and views of the rockies therein. plus, for those who are up to it, the trail can take you all the way to frisco and back. 

[testing out how chilly the water was]

[early christmas decorating]

[T found a tipi]

[creek crossing]

the hike was beautiful, but left us feeling a bit parched. so we made our way back to a nearby bar to take in the surrounding views and sip a few craft cocktails. 

[the pepino diablo, and an avalanche]

[a very happy T]

[signage confusion]

then, we took the gondola back down where we split up to grab lunch and shop a bit. 

[truffle fries, and the best lamb burger i've ever had (not pictured)]

[strawberry shake complete with fresh 'berries and a sugar cookie]

later, we all met back up at the condo to warm up by the hot tub, and have dinner courtesy of brian. once we had our fill of spaghetti and meatballs (which were so good), we walked downtown to hit a couple of bars - one of them was haunted!

but not before stopping by a shop that made a batch of fresh cookies...i mean, how can you turn that down?

[pool lessons]

[warming our toes before walking home]

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