Wednesday, July 20, 2016

goro ramen

a couple of weeks ago, T and i got together with m+j to check out the newly opened goro ramen. i'd been eagerly counting down the days until they'd open as i couldn't seem to make it to their pop-up dinners. then, it seemed the stars finally aligned as they were set to open the week we got back from colorado! 

like a good husband, T noticed every update i'd give on goro ramen, and planned for us to try it out that weekend. 

[drink decisions]

i'll admit, there was a bit of a wait, not surprising because of the owners' local following. so, we put our names down for a table and walked down the way to grab margaritas. i mean, how else do you wait? side note, cocoritas may be a new favorite of mine now. 

when our names were next up, we headed back to grab drinks on goro's patio and wait to be seated. 

[textures galore]

[clockwise from the top: beer (sorry, i didn't pay attention which was ordered) with "hawk in the heavens" sake, pai mei, cucumber chuhai, and the negroni-ish] 

the cocktails were inventive, unique, and flavorful. jana's pai mei was like sipping matcha, my cucumber chuhai was a burst of refreshing cucumber, and T's negroni-ish had all the makings of a negroni with just a hint of something different. as an added bonus, the sake was perfectly smooth and delicious. but, truth be told, i would have been hard pressed to dislike a sake with the name, "hawk in the heavens" ;)

[appetizer #1: shrimp + pork wontons]

before we got to the main attraction, we ordered several appetizers and snacks. we were big fans of their shrimp + pork wontons, brussel sprouts salad, tebasaki (fried chicken wings), and chicken nikuman (panko-fried chicken on a steamed bun). with each dish we kept thinking it couldn't possibly get better. and with each dish, we were pleasantly proven wrong. 

[top: spicy miso ramen; bottom: tori paitan ramen]

then, the moment i'd been waiting for...ramen!! everything, start to finish, was what i'd been hoping for from the pork belly to the garnishes, that gorgeous soft-boiled egg, and don't even get me started on that broth. it was creamy, but not heavy, somehow silky, and wonderfully homogeneous in flavor. 

[michael getting all that extra broth]



the best part though? T, who wasn't interested in it at all, loved it and said, "that was really filling, i think next time when we come back, i'll get a bowl for myself". no joke, i squealed when he said this. 

see you soon goro ramen, and thanks for treating us to such a great night!

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