Monday, October 10, 2016

awesome & awkward

[salad break]

  • T and i have recently gotten into writing letters and snail mail. a dear friend of T and i's is living overseas, and the best way to communicate with him is, oddly enough, snail mail! well, technically social media is still an option, but it feels so much more personal to catch up this way. plus, i actually love seeing what we all decide to write about. 
  • getting cool points for T's birthday gift - i even got confirmation from one of his bffs that it was the ultimate sci-fi geek experience. finding this out may have led to a happy dance on my part ;)
  • while on a quick trip to dallas a couple of weeks ago, T and i stopped by ikea. we were in and out (including checkout) in twenty heard it right, twenty minutes. we celebrated with an impromptu wine tasting. now, if that isn't winning at adulting, i don't know what is.  
awkward (read: more worrysome):
  • not too long ago, our sweet solo had a seizure. it was really scary for all of us since he doesn't have a history of epilepsy. but, after having a near-positive idea as to what caused it, he is back to his goofy self and completely healed. thank goodness to our actual vet for all of her guidance, and our emergency vet who was so kind and helpful. our little family sure is glad our white wolf is okay!

[extra snuggles with this one]

[delicious dinner to come]

[birds eye view]

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