Wednesday, October 19, 2016

record wall

two home projects in one month? that's right! this one took awhile to complete, but not for cost or time. i'd been trying to find the right idea for this wall since we'd moved in, but came up short time and time again (see the below two photos). nothing quite felt right, if that makes any kind of sense. but, i knew in time, i'd think of the right set up for this spot. 

what first led to the change was T and i setting up our record player and speakers in the living room. it simply had the best acoustics in the house, and only made sense for it to go there seeing as our bar was in the same room. with our ever growing music collection, i had to sort out a way to display them where they wouldn't get damaged, could stay organized, and provide ready access for our enjoyment. 

countless pinterest searches and instagram hashtags made for several months before i found the source of my inspiration (sadly, now lost). isn't that funny how ideas work? you can see so many no ideas before you need to see just one that is a yes idea.

[boba supervising my record sorting]

[clean floating shelves, ready for records]

T and i absolutely love how it came out, and just like goldilocks, it fits just right. we'll eventually refinish the wooden stereo cabinet, but for now, we are going to enjoy the fruits of our labor with (you guessed it) a few records and a cocktail. 

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