Friday, October 14, 2016

home improvement

it's been well over a year since our last home improvement diy, and i have to say, it feels good to work on home to-do's again. after finishing our den floor last summer, we were a little burned out on home projects. so, we put our plans on hold, and simply enjoyed our home how it was. 

then, after some time had passed, we were ready to get back into working on our home. for our first project, we tackled a living art wall. 

feeling inspired by oh joy's post, we started looking at the best room for this project to go in. i wanted the piece to be low maintenance, so the bathroom seemed to be the best fit. since air plants only need the occasional mist of water, the bathroom was just what the doctor ordered. 


[air plants from mexico courtesy of my grandparents]

[securing the yarn]

[first color, done]

i decided to use charcoal (to tie into the gray in our towels), and purple (as a pop of color) for my yarn colors, and i have to say, i love how it turned out! put against the blue-grey hue of the air plants, our living art wall has now become my favorite part of our bathroom. 

[hey there succulents!]

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