Wednesday, October 12, 2016

wheeler ferris wheel

to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, T and i thought we'd stray a bit off the beaten path in terms of how to celebrate. we both love having a dynamite dinner and drinks as much as the next couple, but this year we wanted something new. so, we set out for a sunset ferris wheel ride out at wheeler district in okc. 

what used to be the infamous santa monica pier ferris wheel was purchased by an okie-based buyer several years back. the wheel was then refurbished and brought to its new home in okc. 

the weather forecast predicted an evening storm around sunset, so we were prepared for our plans to fall through. but, thankfully, we got there at just the right moment to watch the sun come down on an open sky. plus, thanks to the weather forecast (and it being a weekday), we had the entire ferris wheel to ourselves. 

[hello gorgeous]

[two happy little love doves]

once we left, coincidentally, the sky changed as the storm clouds rolled in and the sun was all but gone. a very happy accident the storm held off just long enough for us to have such a beautiful moment celebrating year two. 

we then drove back home to have an indoor picnic with sushi and a great bottle of wine. another enchanting anniversary in the books, and such a great way to start off into our next year together. 

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