Wednesday, January 18, 2017

awesome & awkward

[christmas cookies for friends]

  • T and i have recently gotten into playing our classical records when we get home, and while we cook dinner. it first started as a happy accident when i came home from work, and T had a record on. i'd had a very trying day, but felt immediately soothed coming in hearing soft piano keys tapping along. it's now become our favorite way to decompress from the day, and catch up with one another. 
  • a little over a week ago, our part of the state woke up to the most beautiful blanket of snow. we spent the day playing in it with the pups, who are big time powder lovers. between having the day off from work (due to weather), a fire crackling inside, and the gorgeous views, it was a really great day. 
  • after losing my banana cream pie recipe some time ago (insert crying emoji here), i spent the next several months searching for it high and low. then, by some kind of miracle, i'd stumbled upon it again! and not a moment too soon, since i'd had some bananas that were calling its name ;)
  • for as long as i can remember, T has been quite the prankster. one of his main go-tos is to ask me if i have the house (or car) keys once the doors are locked. because i am naturally forgetful, a panicked expression comes across my face before T finally says he has the keys. i can't tell you how often i fall for it when i've just watched him lock the door in front of me. then, while on a walk with the pups last week, T actually lost them. i can't tell you how long i gave him the look, okay, it's not funny anymore. please unlock the door!, before it sunk in he was telling the truth. we ended up finding the keys, but i think it's the last we'll see of that prank.

[smell so good]

['rents' chicken noodle soup - yum!]

[my favorite xmas scene from this past season]


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