Monday, January 30, 2017

outdoor r&r

sorry for the gap in posts everyone! i caught whatever muck has been going around lately and spent most of my time resting and keeping hydrated. fingers crossed i'm on the mend.

a couple of weekends back, T and i trekked out to lake arbuckle with m+j for a mini trip outdoors. normally, we are pretty active on our camping weekends, but we had all been feeling pretty exhausted and drained. so, we kept things extra relaxed this go around...a little campsite r and r, if you will :)

[chuck's favorite spot to hang out]

[hanging with my boyfriend, bruce]

[checking out a hilly trail (above) and the views (below)]

[sunset walk and camp drinks]

[the happiest camper]

that night, we tried out a new campfire dinner (delicious by the way), cozied up by the fire, and star-gazed to our heart's content. without the added glow of the moon, the sky was packed to the brim with stars. we could even seen the taurus constellation! 

[my morning snuggle buddy]

the next morning, michael whipped up a delicious breakfast while we caught up with rob and heather, who stopped by our campsite that morning. sadly, we couldn't hang longer as a storm looked like it was sweeping through, but we sure did enjoy the time we had. 

until next time!

[bacon patrol]


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