Friday, January 13, 2017

holidaze with family, part two

once christmas day had wrapped up with T's family, we cleaned up the house, and got ready for our trip to tulsa that evening. we were even able to surprise my mom that day since i'd fibbed and told her we wouldn't be in until much later that night. it's been my second year to trick her into thinking i'd either not see her until the day after, or much later. her surprise face is seriously one of my favorites. 

[dad's tree pick - lush, bright, and gorgeous]

[mom (above) and T (below) playing with our gag gifts]

[my 'santa' jammies and dad's drop biscuits with sausage and gravy]

the next day, we did a bit of holiday sale shopping, relaxed, and got ready for boxing day festivities to come that evening.

while snacking on appetizers with my family, my dad, grandpa bill, and i had a whiskey tasting. each time we get together, it's become a little tradition for us to do a tasting. i love getting to see what each of us likes (and why), and our tastes. then...onto the most delicious ham-themed boxing day dinner courtesy of my awesome dad. 

[sneak attack!]

[a very happy boba...he loves his grandma]


the next day, we spent time catching up with my family, packed, and had a dee-licious lunch at a local restaurant.

another wonderful christmas season filled with our families during my favorite time of year...what more could a girl want? :)

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