Monday, January 9, 2017

holidaze with family, part one

hello, hello 2017! i hope you all had a sweet holiday season. i can't say ours was necessarily relaxing, but boy, did we have a ball. i didn't realize how packed it was until a co-worker asked about our holiday break. to kick things off, i thought i'd start by recapping christmas with both our families. 

T and i finished up our last bits of holiday shopping, took in all of the festive city decor, and sipped festive cocktails to evade the big crowds. it was the perfect way to get excited for the events to come. 

[spiced cocoa with fresh 'mallows]

[teeter tottering]

[savory dinners with a great friend and madeira]

then, T and i got to work prepping, chopping, and cleaning for christmas at our house with his parents and our nephew. we've hosted christmas twice now, and i think we are getting better at it every go around - T especially. his smoked turkeys he makes for thanksgiving and xmas are the stuff dreams are made of. it's even made me start to love white meat which is a feat in itself since i'm a die-hard dark meat fan.

[trifle for dessert]

[my nephew's contribution to xmas eve dinner - salad :)]

[a resting turkey, chef T, and festive sangria]

in the past, we had done christmas day dinner, but T wanted to bring back his family's tradition of christmas eve dinner. in his family, the day before held all the magic, tenderness, and wonder - not the day itself. so, we brought back eve dinner with our new tradition of hot cocoa and popcorn to snack on with a festive movie before bed.  

[i just love this photo of T's mom]

the next morning, T and i whipped up a christmas morning feast of eggs, bacon, sausage, and orange sweet rolls (courtesy of pioneer woman). and while we had a balmy 70 degree day, it was a beautifully memorable holiday. 

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