Wednesday, July 26, 2017

bags for bethesda

last saturday, jana and i sweated our little tails off to watch T and michael compete in 405 brewing's bags for bethesda cornhole tournament. the event helped raise awareness and funds for an amazing organization that provides care and resources to families and children of sexual abuse. what a great way to bring people together for such a great cause!

[team red, white, and bro practicing]

T and michael were one of the teams up to play in the first round. they fought a good fight, but sadly, didn't make it to the next round. they did however, provide some awesome energy pepping others up, and cheering on another friend who was still playing. 

[wives club showing support]

[cheering on their fellow bro]

thankfully, we had tasty popsicles to help keep us cool aka epic pops to the heatwave rescue!

[mid-tournament break]

[cute sandies and pops]

once the winners of the tournament had been announced (congrats to the winning team!), there was just one last game to play. team red, white, and bro challenged team 405 brewing to a match. the terms (hilarious nailed down via ig): should T and michael win, they would get to name a 405 beer, to be brewed. should T and michael lose, they would get an ice bath. honestly, both teams viewed it as a win-win since it was crazy hot out. 

after a rousing back and forth mixed with some great smack talking, T and michael won the game. to say they were excited/us wives relieved would be an understatement. either way, it was a great day supporting a great cause in our community. 

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