Friday, November 10, 2017

awesome and awkward

[autumn picnics]

  • for those who are fans of matt bellassai's whine about it segment he had with buzzfeed, you'll want to give his most recent series a listen: to be honest. it is even more hilarious than whine about it. my personal favorites are: why teenagers are the worst, why malls are the worst, and why candy corn is the worst. it couldn't stop giggling at my desk while listening to it, and encourage anyone who needs a good laugh to give it a listen. 
  • i've recently started listening to whitney a's podcast, reality, reality. the basic gist is of her podcast is that she will dish on the weekly gossip from her favorite real housewives of _ (insert city) while sipping a themed cocktail. it has become my latest guilty pleasure as i've been caught multiple times saying "omg!", and "no she did not!" around co-workers at the copy machine who didn't see my earbuds. 
  • we are now one holiday down into holiday season, and not to sounds like everyone else, but this is my favorite time of the year! who else is getting excited for turkey day?

  • not long ago, i was busy working away at my desk on a project when i hit a mental roadblock. feeling stumped on how to remedy the roadblock, right at that moment, i heard a very audible, "whomp, whomp!". thinking i'd imagined it, i kept working until i heard the same sound again. "whomp, whomp!" then, a few minutes passed before i heard it again. it turned out my comically timed retort was none other than a bird hanging in a nearby tree. 
  • one night i was prepping veggies for dinner, but felt like having a little snack. so i decided to munch on some chips and salsa. after awhile, i stopped looking where i was reaching and nearly mixed up a whole jalapeno with a chip. thankfully, i caught my mistake before i bit down on the pepper, but it was a close call!

[cozy dinners with dear friends]

[celebrating new life coming for one of T's oldest and dearest friends]

[late night coffee]

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