Monday, November 13, 2017


[spiked cider and pumpkin madeleines]

happy monday everyone! i thought i'd share a funny story from over the weekend. T and i were on a road trip with the pups when we made a pit stop to my favorite ham sandwich shop. i made a passing comment to the boys that i would share a bite of my sandwich with them before we went in...oh brother, i really should have rethought saying that out-loud. when we came back, there were a couple of drooling dogs hanging over my shoulder. to try to satiate them, i gave them each a bite before snacking on the sandwich. for the next several minutes of the drive, boba positioned himself to where he could stare longingly at me eating the sandwich while drooling, and, what looked like, daydreaming. think of middle school crush daydreaming with the music, soft lighting, and everything happening in slow motion. that, was boba. he could not have been more distraught when the sandwich was eaten. i'm near positive he was, and is in love with that sandwich (see below). 

[celebrating my grandma's 90th (above and below)]

[cozy dinners]

[boba and his love, ham sandwich]

[lunch back home]

[snoring pup]

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