Monday, November 20, 2017

winding stair

a couple of weekends back, T and i ventured out to the ouachita mountains with the pups and m+j for an unplugged getaway to the woods. it was the perfect way to disconnect and recharge after a long stretch of hectic weeks. plus, i love going where the cell reception is slow, and limited. 

[heading towards the changing trees]

[home, sweet home (for the weekend)]

our first day there, we focused on getting our campsite set up, taking in the views, and keeping warm by the fire. the weather that weekend was pretty windy (read: classic oklahoma wind), but classically fall-like temperatures. in a word, it was lovely, and a perfect excuse to indulge in all the layering. i loved it. 

[getting cozy with spiked cider]

[playing buds]

after making some campfire quesadillas, and enjoying a glowing fire, i went to bed early while the rest of the gang stayed up playing board games. apparently, battleship got pretty intense!

[breakfast toast scramble]

the next morning, we took it pretty easy while we waited for the winds to die down. the pups ran amok through the campsite playing, barking, and marking everything in sight. it was their own personal paradise. 

[chopping more wood]

[late morning sweet treat - banana boats]

[emerald vista]

a little later, we set out for our hike on the ouachita trail with all of the pups. now, i should clarify that we didn't hike the whole trail as it goes through the entire national park. but, we typically try to hike up to the top of the ridge to the first backpackers shelter site. 

[happy pups in their happy place]

[our trail marker]

once we got to the backpacker site, we took a break, had lunch, and took in the mountainside views. 

[couple of cuties]

once we finished our lunch, the temperature started to cool down, so we packed up and headed back to camp. 


when we got back to camp, we rebuilt the fire, warmed up some spiked cider, and watched the sun set while the pups took a well-deserved nap. 

[our sleepy, old boy]

later that night, we kept cozy by a roaring fire, ate campfire burritos (oh my goodness, so freaking tasty - i wish all burritos were this good), sipped wine, and took in a gorgeous star-filled sky. a beautiful end to our last night. 

the next morning, we woke up bright and early to wish m+j farewell as michael had a bike race in tulsa a few hours later. then, T and i loaded up the pups, and headed back home to a hot shower, a warm home, and a recharged us. just what the doctor ordered :)

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