Friday, November 3, 2017

semi-charmed life

with this year's halloween being on a tuesday, T and i thought we'd do something a little different to partake in the fun and got tickets to see third eye blind. that's right, my 90s, choker necklace, butterfly-clips, white-eyeliner, clogs, and tankini-wearing tween-self was screaming with glee at the chance to get to see one of my old faves. plus, with the holiday, there was bound to be some killer costumes which only added to the buzz of the night.

[drinks of choice: frosé and a golden one]

we initially snagged a spot front and center to see the band, but the crowd got a little too close for comfort. so, we hung out on the patio where we still had a killer view, but with a little more breathing room. i'm not one for being packed in too tight when it comes to large crowds at concerts - plus, under the outdoor heaters with a cocktail in hand, and a half moon shining above, it was pretty stellar. 

[my favorite costume of the night: a squirrel with his acorns]

my favorite songs (in general, and heard live) that night: the graduate, motorcycle drive-by, semi-charmed life, jumper, and blinded. side note, one of the amazing things that happened that night was the concert itself. the lead singer (stephan jenkins) lost his voice and nearly had to cancel the concert, but somehow got it back just in the nick of time. and they put on such a great show! definitely a halloween for the books. 

[hey, viking bartender!]

thanks for another great concert/night out jones assembly. can't wait until next time. 

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