Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ringing in 2018

last, but certainly not least, on our holiday break recap is new years eve! knowing that brian + nicki would be in town for the holiday, we wanted to do something different. just then, michael and i came across the jones' new years eve fiesta where my so called band would be playing. we knew it'd be the perfect way for T and i, m+j, and brian + nicki to say farewell to 2017. 

[welcome cocktails]

before we set out to the jones for the night, T and i went to m+j's for new year's eve dinner. michael seriously out did himself...that steak, and the salmon bisque were to die for. 

[snuck in a slow dance]


then, we got to the jones, grabbed a cocktail, and met up with brian + nicki. i'd be lying if i didn't get super excited to see the rows of balloon nets and confetti cannons. 

[my cute date]

[waiting for mscb to play]

[love these guys]

mscb put on an amazing show. between hearing 'jumper', 'i wish (i was a little bit taller)', and 'waterfalls' our gang was boogieing and singing along the whole night through. 

[my girl, jana]

5-4-3-2-1-happy new year! so much cheering, confetti everywhere (there was so much stuck in my hair, ha!), and smooching. i loved it. 


such a memorable and fun night, and the best way to say adios to the past year and bienvenidos to the year to come. 

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