Wednesday, January 17, 2018

life, according to my iphone

[tasty appetizers]

is it weird i wish we were getting the snow that is hitting most of the south? i am feeling all kinds of winter weather blues. right now, my state is swimming in a sea of bitterly cold temperatures, whipping winds, and no snow. the only cure for these blues is a full cup of cocoa had with snow falling outside. doesn't that sound lovely? sadly, there's no hope for flurries in sight, but a girl can dream. here's to hoping we get at least one good snow storm in before the end of this season. 

[vanagon lounging]

[a bit of OK on the plane; layover cocktail hour]

[nighttime glow]

[big ol' burrito; coffee shop hangs]

[a tricky boy; oyster slurp]

[it's a girl!; sweet roses from a great friend]

[air bnb finds; breakfast tacos]

[latte time; step this way]

[me and my dudes]

[funny dinner date; lively views]

[my favorite mermaid; coffee pot de creme]

[shop views]

[wanna play?; wanna cuddle?]

[whiskey flight vs mimosa flight; beanie buddies]

[funky chandeliers; toasted 'mallow ice cream]

[new year's day recoup; late night drinks]

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