Wednesday, May 2, 2018

check in

whew! these past two weeks have been an intensely packed amount of work and school that, at times, made me wonder how i could get it all done. and then, suddenly (or at least it feels like it), i've come out on the other side still kicking and with my brain intact. without y'all being in the mix of the past two weeks of chaos that was going on, it was the perfect collision of exhaustion from all sides with no time to recharge. thankfully, i am past the worst of it and only have a little bit left to go before completing my first semester of grad school - what! 

because most of my time was jam packed with work and school, not too much else happened. but, i thought it would be fun to share what few moments kept me pushing through. enjoy!

[springtime tart]

[rainy mornings and all the dots]

[one of the best bar signs]

[breakfast for dinner]

[tree transport]

[cute concert date]

[blood orange margarita break]

[girls night and dancing]

[rest and relax]

[farewell boren]

[a certain salmon loving pup begging for a plate]


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