Friday, May 18, 2018

first third

[tasty donut misadventures]

may 1st marked the end of the first third of the year. isn't that wild to think about? i'd never thought about breaking apart the year this way until i came across a social media post that made me think about it. it may sound somewhat strange, but i actually like the concept. if you break up the year, you can actually take a moment to reflect on what occurred during that time...what went well, what didn't, how you may be doing on a certain goal you had in mind, etc. it's hard to completely remember these moments when you look back on their entire year. but, looking back months at a time can give you the ability to make changes and adjustments where needed. any difficulties experienced can become moments to reflect on growth and wins can be fully appreciated. 

personally, i'd set out to work on several aspects of myself with no specific end dates. some were simple, like my goal to drink more water (i'm at 120 ounces a day now), and others were more complex/would take more time, like my goal to practice more compassion with myself (slow, but steadily getting better). but, having the opportunity to look back on my progress in the last several months was really motivating. being able to reflect gives yourself a kind of personal check-in which can also help when it comes to difficult moments...they are simply that, a moment, and not the entirety of your year or life. 

what do y'all think about the thirds idea? i'd love to hear your thoughts!

[cute wedding date]

[breakfast tacos for out of town guests]

[dance, dance, dance off]

[surprisingly tasty new recipe]

[celebrating amanda's little one to be]

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