Wednesday, May 16, 2018


have you ever thought about who you focus your energy towards? i'd seen several insta posts about the idea, but hadn't really taken to it until several months ago. i started to notice a bad habit of overextending myself in friendships that weren't reciprocal. i would consistently excuse it and never ask for the same courtesies in return...even though i was the one left feeling frustrated. so, i found myself at a crossroads - either continue to allow the pattern, or, change it. i decided to let go of my old habit and only spend my time and energies on relationships that were returned. life is far too short to waste time in friendships that are uneven. there is no reason to expend more of yourself to those who refuse to return effort. 

ever since taking a back step in that friendship, i felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. i no longer sit wondering about my status with that person or worry about coordinating everything in the relationship. so, for any of you who may have a friend that causes you to feel this way, take a step back and evaluate the level of input on both sides. if it's not equal or close to it, leave it be. set your focus on those that give equally in the relationship which will lead to a much more content you.

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