Friday, May 25, 2018

binging with babish

after receiving binging with babish's book from T, i figured he should have first pick of what recipes and movies we should try out. after looking through the book, he decided on two recipes - one from a movie he hadn't seen, and one that contained one of his favorite movie scenes. the first movie and recipe we tried out was breakfast at tiffany's chicken and mole with saffron rice.  

[wishing you guys could have smelled the heavenly mole]

[saffron water]

it had been awhile since i'd last seen the movie so, it was interesting to see it again through T's eyes. i can't say he's a fan of it, but he was a fan of audrey hepburn (i mean, who wouldn't be, she was a total babe). thankfully, he and i were big fans of the recipe. it was really tasty, and i'm glad it didn't blow up all over our kitchen like it did in holly golightly's. 

our second recipe to tackle was pulp fiction's big kahuna burger. as far as movies go, this had to be one of the most iconic moments for burgers. plus, we were curious if this recipe would live up to the hype. 

[just like the photo! but, we of course had to have fries with it]

[T recreating his favorite moment]

and just like jules said, "this is a tasty burger!". honestly, it may be one of my top five burgers i've ever had, and that's saying something. 

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