Thursday, August 23, 2012

small potatoes

there are times where as optimistic as i can be, i am thrown for a loop. where i get so frazzled, i can't see straight and can't figure out how to turn it around. and the only thing that makes it kind of funny are the things that frazzle me so! for instance, today i got frazzled, to the point of dispair, because a recipe i had been planning to make - that i had finished prep work and all, oven turned on, stovetop hot - read at the very end to cook in a crockpot for 5 hours after all is cooked down. what!! this is one of two recipes this week that revealed after all prep cooking was finished that it needed to finish in a crockpot. grr!!!! (i also get equally frazzled when my necklaces get tangled)

frantically trying to think of what to make for dinner now (with an exhausted T from the longest day at work) and instantly wanting to curse the day i found that recipe, T turned me 'round and stopped me in my tracks. very calmly he said "baby, i know this is not how you wanted this to go but, we can fix it". before i could list all the reasons i had come up with as to why it could not (which mainly revolved around how terribly written this recipe was), he stopped me again and said, "baby, small potatoes".

*for those who may not understand this reference, since T and i have been together, he has always said "small potatoes". i really didn't get what he was saying for awhile and kind of thought he was crazy for referencing potatoes at inconvenient times ;) but, here's what it boils down to: when life has you in a frazzled frenzy over something that isn't life threatening or, even truly life-altering, you have to take a breath and think, in the long run is this really that upsetting? will this matter so much to me 5 years from now or even 5 minutes? usually the answer is no. T explained in the stew of our life, these little moments are the small potatoes in it. sure, they are a part of it but, they are not critical to making up the contents of your life. *

so with a deep breath, i looked back up, nodded my head and found a new way to get creative with our dinner ingredients :)

happy almost weekend!


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