Saturday, August 11, 2012


have you ever noticed how candlelight and great music can really make a room feel magical? like there's a feeling of warm, cozy-ness in the air? i love it. it instantly sets a great mood for any gathering even if it's just T and i. yesterday, we had all the intentions of going out with friends to check out The Dark Knight Rises (again i know but it's just so awesome!) but after a rough day for all involved, we changed our plans to dinner and drinks at our house. the day had really gotten to us and no one felt like venturing out. a night in to recharge our batteries was just what the doctor ordered!

so T came up with a simple but yummy idea for dinner - baked balsamic chicken, pesto gnocchi and asparagus. our friend Caroline who came over made a yummy cucumber tomato salad and Brian put together dessert. everyone was in charge of bringing over a bottle (or two) of wine and be prepped for some relaxing friend time.

for ambiance, T lit candles all around the house and i set the house to our Ray Charles Pandora station. the pups made sure to have dirt in their mouths to properly greet everyone. cute...but really not that cute.

the night itself was wonderful. following dinner, we ventured out under the light canopy to enjoy the cooler weather, watch the pups show us their new sticks and put the weariness of the day to bed. it was what everyone needed and ended with all venturing home to bed, feeling as if the day hadn't completely been all least the end wasn't :)


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