Wednesday, August 15, 2012

vintage finds: a pop of color

okay to start off, how awesome is this dress? i love this just screams summer and instantly makes me feel a little extra peppy. both the jacket and dress were a vintage find via my mom - have i mentioned how killer she is at spotting these things??

i felt like a dress this color needed a softer accent color so i wouldn't look like a walking highlighter so, i paired it with this golden-colored jacket, a cream belt (that i honestly can't remember buying..i think it just appeared one day) and some tan flats to finish it off. 

did i mention this dress also had pockets?? pretty much why i think this dress is the jam..and not like the jam that i got on my iphone today while eating a pb&j wrap. who does that anyway? obviously me because i couldn't pull my phone away from my lunch. geez.

happy peppy hump day!


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