Tuesday, August 21, 2012

rainy days: the good and the bad

i love rainy days - the smell, the pitter-patter sound it makes outside and, the way it makes me want to sleep in all day. however, it does make getting things done a little difficult. especially when you have two pups. so here's the good and the bad of those sweet rainy days....

the good: getting to splash in puddles with my rainboots...

taking the pups outside to explore - they're so cute!

seeing wet puppy tracks, big and small..

the bad: the pups as a matter of fact do not like rainy days. they get bored very easily so when they're outside, they try to get as gross and muddy as possible. ick. (leads to a lot of baths!)

their boredom also leads to trouble like when solo decided it was a good idea to pee on our bed...wasn't happy about that. which meant i had to wash all our bedding right then. grump.

which i suppose it wasn't all awful because at the end of the day with a movie marathon of harry potter, a bowl (or two) of homemade chili, a little snuggling fest with T and two sweet napping puppies made it a little worth the ick part of the day. granted, i could do without another accident on our bed :)


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