Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'round these parts

[wine tasting with some of the prettiest gals around]
sorry for the break in posts everyone! there was so much to do between turkey day, friendsgiving followed by food coma, bedlam, crazy busy work week and getting into the christmas spirit. it felt like there wasn't enough time to get everything in! but we sure did love it and the pups did too.
so, here's a few snapshots of those moments missed....

the gorgeous color change in our trees..each day it's completely new. i love it. the pups love the opportunity to mark the fallen leaves. (hence, no leaf pile this year)

tailgating the away game at a friend's house where i nearly went hoarse i was so into the game.

whipping up one of T's favorites..so classically italian. yum!

making caramel (from scratch. what!) to then turn into the most sweet and savory icing i've made yet...

turkey carving....

followed by the infamous turkey craft-off! obviously i think turkeys have curly hair.

friendsgiving - which always segways into an intense game of jenga..

christmas in the corporate world means crafty gals like myself have to help wrap gifts for clients. but, it's not too terrible when i get to do it while snacking on cupcakes ;)

lots of quality time with the pups...

girl time goofing around with caroline.

and decorating the house for christmas..


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