Saturday, December 15, 2012

the wooden spoon: homemade bread

did you ever bake bread in school when you were little? i'm not sure how exactly it came up but, i had gotten the desire to bake bread like i did when i was in elementary school. when i brought up the memory to T, he had no idea what i was talking about since he never had that experience! truth be told, i'm not sure why we even made bread in school but, what i can remember, is the delicious smell of it baking and the overwhelming anticipation of waiting for it to cool to eat it! so there i was, armed to take on the task of baking bread and looking for a recipe that was easy enough for me (to not mess up since they can be kinda fickle) and didn't use a bread maker.

fortunately, i found this recipe that was easy peasy and extra delicious! (i've never enjoyed butter so much ;) ) now, normally i would take you through the steps, photos and all, but, sadly bread making doesn't make for great photos. (i mainly relied on the recipe directions as i had a hard time seeing if my dough was at the right stages)

so i leave you with delicious photos of your bread-to-be...mmm!
happy baking!


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