Thursday, December 27, 2012

boxing day

one of my favorite holiday traditions in my family is the celebration of boxing day. if you are unfamiliar with it, boxing day (in olden times) was the day after christmas where the king gave his servants the day off to celebrate. there were gifts, food and lots to drink. and while we are far from kings and servant times, we take part in delicious food, wine and quality time with family.


the best part to boxing day has to do with the gifting...and it's not because we love presents but, more that we love the game involved! it's a mix of white elephant and dirty santa with more gifts..and much more trickery :)

i always love seeing everyone's faces as they figure out their gameplan of how to get what. teams are formed..tricks and double-trades are made...and there is never any gift that is completely off the table. unless it's anything halloween-related my Gr. Stephanie has picked...that's off limits :)

[the spoils of T and i's trades]

'til next year..happy boxing day!

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