Monday, December 17, 2012


[sugar cookies for a holiday fiesta]
christmas is almost here, can you believe it?! i'm so thrilled for the family time to come and for T and i's third christmas together. seems like it wasn't too long ago that i was fretting over what would be a cool 'new girlfriend' gift to get him (star wars pop art poster definitely sealed the deal that i a cool girlfriend :) ). and now, it's our third holiday! how time flies!! to celebrate, we started a new tradition of hosting a holiday party - post to come - at our place and boy, was it a hit!
and, i have changed up the title of these posts to be known as cositas - "little things". partly because of my ties to spanish culture but, also, because of my pure enjoyment of the little things in life. because, in my opinion, life is a series of little moments and little things bound together. they give great insight into who a person is and what they value :)  

[winter fruits in colorful bowls. a simple centerpiece]

[T and i's new habit of impromtu cocktail hour. i love any excuse to share martinis with him]

[decorating with santas]

[christmas tree hunting. a tradition i've loved since i was little]

[impromptu holiday brunch with pom mimosas...mmm]

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