Wednesday, November 20, 2013


[cute, festive themed additions to some halloween cupcakes]
over the weekend, i decided i would go through my clothes and do a complete overhaul of my closet. and, while it was slightly overwhelming at first to deal with the piles (and piles...seriously, if i ever say i have nothing to wear, feel free to remind me of the opposite) of clothing, it is such a relief to know where everything is when i get ready for the day. happy hump day!

[matching my tights to floor tiles]

[this salad...i have it five times a week and it is like candy, i love it that much]

[l&a with their little pup gambit who also has a serious love for boba]


[my favorite cocktail from saints in okc]

[snuggling with this big baby...i can never say no]

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