Friday, November 8, 2013

kaiteki ramen

have you ever found yourself daydreaming of food you have seen in movies? i mean, i know this sounds strange but, hear me out. in the movie chocolat, the main characted vianne is pouring that delicious chocolate into beautiful molds where she then intricately decorates them...then has different people in the town try her creations. the look on their faces when the chocolate hits their mouths, the way they smell the sweets before eating them...i practically drooled on the screen, i wanted it so bad! i have also felt the same about the eclairs from simply irresistable, the fish served up to julia in julie & julia, and, the ramen in the ramen girl.
so, after hearing one of our friends was to open a ramen truck in okc, laun, andrew and i decided it was our chance to see if it was as yummy as we hoped.

[the kaiteki ramen]
and, i have to say, we loved it! (and, for those who are curious, it is nothing like top ramen. real ramen is so so much better. it was like night and day.) the exact balance of flavors between the delicious broth, the marinated egg, seaweed, bamboo shoots, the pork...complete harmony. that, with their fried brussel sprouts, yum.

[andrew demonstrating the ramen 'slurp']

after our little ramen feast, laun and andrew sampled some tasty locally brewed coffee from mariposa while i set my sights on the cupcake truck...

[the oreo and two harvest apple cupcakes]

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