Friday, November 1, 2013

life, according to my iphone

[grilled peaches, yum; veggies from the garden]
it's november! seems strange right? this weekend, T and i will be going to a halloween party, catching up with brian while he's in town, and, possibly checking out a local restaurant new to us. 
have a great one! 

[cute sign found in my old sorority house; layered strawberry cake]

[beer battered fish & chips; colorful pasta toss]

[touring wedding venues; the infamous bacon bomb]

[my mom's cherry pie; my chocolate layer cake]

[getting some puppy loving at m&j's]

[enjoying a impromptu picnic lunch with T; favorite ice cream combo]

[checking out the view at another wedding venue; sushi break]

[enjoying bbq brisket on the hay; beautiful okie spaces]

[matching my nails to my office accesories; fire pit and wine action]

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