Monday, November 18, 2013

das boot

to really break into the cooler weather, the intro of heavier, warm your bones, type of food begins. all the delicious stews, soups, roasts...i love it. and, it is also the time of year i re-introduce myself to german food. i had been hearing for months about how tasty das boot was and decided it would be perfect for us to try it out with laun & andrew (or l&a).

[i loved their glass boot light installation]

[2 liters never looked like such a challenge]
so, one of the obvious go-tos with german food is the beer, which, i am sadly not a fan. but, T and l&a were able to enjoy their boots while i sipped on their dynamite apple whiskey cocktail.

[the jager roast with homemade noodles]

[apple strudel]
needless to say, between the bratwurst, roast, bread, was amazing and left us with full, warm bellies to take on the chill that night. thanks again for coming with us l&a and can't wait to go back!

***this is not a sponsored post***

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