Monday, November 4, 2013

halloween recap

over the past couple weekends, T and i have been getting some serious wear from our costumes. after a lot of brainstorming, we decided we would go as...

"we was like peas and carrots" - forrest gump
peas and carrots! it was such a fun costume to wear and everyone really got a kick out of it. and now, without further ado, a few party pics from our festive fun...

[our friend paul as iron man]

[m&j dressed up as the hashtag sexy ghost joke from jimmy fallon]

and, if you couldn't tell by his day of the dead face paint, brian was in town for the weekend! it was so fun to all get to hang with him for his short stay and we are, of course, already missing him.

my favorites from the parties we went to were, of course, the hawkins family who were: clark kent, a pink flamingo, dracula and his (stunning) vampire wife.

hope you all had a great time celebrating halloween and/or day of the dead!

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