Friday, January 17, 2014

from the studio to the gallery

for several years now, T has posed for his friend, sohail shehada, a local artist who has created numerous works of art via paintings and sculptures. a couple weeks ago, i was able to come watch them work on a new piece sohail was to submit for an art competition as well as a few others for shows in the future.  

[new piece to be submitted...]

a few of the pieces he had finished up were featured in last fridays art show in the paseo district. the above and below pieces were my favorites.

m&j met up with us to see the new pieces T was in.

[dulce de leche inspired dessert, yum]

[i love this table]

[very alice in wonderland-esque]

so excited to see what's in store for future pieces from sohail as well as the other galleries in the paseo!

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