Wednesday, January 8, 2014

life, according to my phone

[frozen blueberries to keep my champagne cold; lunch at my favorite hole 'n the wall deli]

[getting creative with washi tape; colorful candies]

[T and i with our sweet treats from uptown candy]

[wood-burning stack to keep our toes warm; one of the funniest cards i've read]

[snuggling with both my pups]

[our current favorite for cocktail mixing; T and i's picks for our yearly ornaments]

[santa checking out the light tree with eggnog; almost slipped!]

[1st attempt at a homemade lasagna...yum; a chilly seat]

[cozy sushi date with T; guinea pigs in their lego house]

[a mosaic eye; champagne tasting for the wedding + my cute mom]

[wine and desserts with my parents at so good]

[enjoying a beer with T, jk. just a hard cider but, still tasty; t-town gourmet aka my new favorite in food trucks. seriously, look them up.]

[putting my new dutch oven to good use; excited to kiss this baldy at midnight on nye]

[loving my new combat boots; seriously adore these two. best of bests]

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