Friday, January 31, 2014

running wild

this past weekend, T and i decided to take advantage of some extra sunny (and warm-ish) weather by taking the pups out so play. since our babes are a bit bigger, we try to take them out to less crowded areas so they can run around, roughhouse, and play fetch. plus, seeing our two run around sans leash can be a bit alarming to non-dog friendly folks. so, we just avoid the fuss and keep it simple.

it seemed that once we parked the car, the boys went from zero to one hundred on excitement as they took off to play tag with each other, leave notes, play with hay, and run alongside T.

[stole a smooch ;)]

[look at that happy boy...lazy lab tongue and all]

we had such a great time that we may make it our weekly routine for them. plus, the boys napped the afternoon away once we got home...bonus! ;)

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